new post! SORRY FOR BEING OFFLINE *really random stuff*

first new post in AGES!!!!
sorry for being in-active
i've been pretty busy and stuff geeee
sorry sorry sorry!!
i will be much more online from now on~
(and 'much more' means about 2 posts in a week.... MIN!)

how's it been going???

hope you've been good, like me! :D

but of course,
not everything has been good and happy times this december....

you already heard it, right?

Taku, Heisei Ishins vocalist, passed away on December 10th
Two days ago
He was only 21 years old!
I cried so much!!!!
Rest in peace dear Taku-san.


Buuut! Good news too!!!

DANGER☆GANG's drummer Rei-chan is pregnant!
Maybe with some jrocker?
Ah, they'll get a jrock-child then!!!


And with my life,
not much has happened

found out I'll have exams in January...
Fuuuuuuuuc_ I don't want exams

Wish me luck!

And my christmas-vacation starts on friday december 17th (my bigsisters birthday XD)
And then school starts on January 3rd 2011

Ah. I have to get used to the '2011'.


I don't know what else to write

Have fun and enjoy the last month of 2010!!! :D

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