hi ppl!

i'm ichigo, and i'm a (newbie XD) member of midnight ecstasy host & maid club on facebook, and this is my midnight ecstasy blog

well, i read somewhere that, according to the rules, i'll have to blog at least two times per week,

but since i am going to be MUCH LESS online (/on the internet) in the rest of october,

i'll have to blog in november instead  (´・ω・`)

anyway, i'm gonna tell you a little bit about myself.. since this is the first entry!

my name is ichigo, and i live in greenland.
my age is a secret .. lol, so let's say i'm 165 years old.
i have blue, pink and purple hair and i wear clothes from sex pot revenge and deorart ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ
i love japanese music, and my favourite band is 'the GazettE'  ラブラブ
i have a personal blog too~ Ameblo !
please visit and peta me please 音譜 i will peta back!

Facebook add me :3
Twitter follow me :3 i will follow back!

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